No Stop, Hedged, FlexiGrid Forex Expert Advisor


No Stop Grid


The No Stop, Hedged, FlexiGrid Forex Expert Advisor automates Grid trading. It runs on MetaTrader4. You can specify your own grid sizes and the grid transactions will automatically be managed by the EA.

It is also called the FlexiGrid as each grid level used can be a different size. This FlexiGrid Forex EA requires accounts that allow hedging and will generally not work on US based accounts, although certain US brokers like FXDD do manage hedged transactions. If you use a US broker account please contact your broker directly to find out if they accommodate hedging. There are no default settings so you would have to specify the Grid structure you would like to use. The EA can be used for as many currencies as you wish.

Optimal Grid sizing and currency selection is covered by support videos and webinars. The Flexigrid Forex Expert Advisor comes with a clear User manual which helps with the implementation of the EA and also explains the settings.







More Grid information

The Grid System trades best in sideways markets but is also managed in trending markets by regular closing of deals and restarting of the grid anew.

The grid can be profitable in a trending market as long as there are 50% to 30% retracements. It is recommended that all deals are closed at the 4th grid level.


Details about Grid Trading

  • Can be traded without charts
  • Is not direction dependent – Makes gains every time the market moves
  • Transactions are always fully or partially hedged
  • A maximum of 5 transactions can be open at the same time
  • Once started is 100% mechanical and no decisions are required




Lots of patience is required as transactions could take weeks to produce a result, as the larger grid (+150 pips) sizes are the most profitable.

Traders have to have an understanding of the FlexiGrid Forex Trading principles in order to determine the settings they want to use. A Grid trading course is available and sold separately.


How to purchase the Grid Expert Advisor

Please use the Button on the right to purchase the Grid Expert Advisor. The Grid advisor sells for $89 and for a limited period you will receive the Grid Trading Course ($49) of the No Stop, Hedged, Grid Trading System free with your purchase.

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