FREE Tool to test and find settings for ANY Forex EA


Knowledge is power, using that knowledge appropriately is wealth



We are always amazed at how many owners of our Expert Advisers ask us:

  • How does this or that setting work?
  • What does the EA do?
  • Show me an example of an EA trade?
  • What settings should I use?
  • What are the very best settings I can use?
  • Which currency is the best to use?
  • How has the EA performed over the last 2 years?
  • What account size should I use?
  • What lot size should I use?
  • etc

They are clearly unaware of a great Free Expert Adviser tester that is right under their nose.


This tester will help you understand how any Expert Adviser works and how to find the very best settings. Even better you can see the EA’s trades on a chart so you can see exactly how trades are entered into and managed as if you are trading live. You can make change to the settings and see what happens there and then. No software to down load – the chances you already have it on your computer!

You can do this for any EA! You can make a lot of money with this skill. You can immediately determine which EA’s are junk and which have amazing potential. These days EA trading is IN – chart watching and manual trading is OUT.

The Tester will even help you determine the best account size and lots sizes to use – it comes close to tell you everything you need to succeed.

This is a lifelong skill that every trader must have.


Expert4x has created a free web based and video course for you to become an absolute Expert at testing EA’s. We realize that we will lose a few clients because once you have this skill the sky is the limit and you become independent in oh many ways. Hopefully it will reduce the number of queries we get every day too as our clients will be able to get an answer in the same time it takes to write a query email. Win / Win for everybody.

That is part of our mission. To create knowledgeable, thinking, wealthy Forex Traders – not rule based, non-thinking, plug and play Forex participants (human robots).

So watch out for the first of many lessons in your next emails.

To many of you this will be the missing link that will change things forever. I know because it has for us.

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