Happy Birthday to Moto Hagio. And to me.

Yesterday was Moto Hagio’s 61st birthday, and my 45th. We share a birthday with Florence Nightingale, which explains why May 12 is also International Nurses Day. So hug a nurse, and read something by Hagio (and translated by me). Okay, so everything I ever translated by Hagio  (which is to say, everything by Hagio ever legally translated into English) is out of print, but used copies of A, A’ and Four Shoujo Stories (which contains Hagio’s They Were Eleven) can be found used, and I believe you can still order The Comics Journal #269 (which includes Hagio’s short story “Hanshin”) from Fantagraphics. Or you can pre-order A Drunken Dream and Other Stories and wait patiently till September 8.

The new Special Edition Bungei volume on Moto Hagio

But if you can read Japanese, you can order the new Special Edition Bungei book on Moto Hagio, which goes on sale in Japan on May 14–which is to say, some ten hours from now. Naturally, I wouldn’t be plugging this volume if I didn’t have something to do with it. But even if you don’t read Japanese, you will not be missing much (much by me, anyway), since my own contribution is basically some annotated excerpts from my 2004 long interview with Moto Hagio, published in the aforementioned TCJ #269, and available for you’re reading pleasure here. And if you do you read Japanese, you (and I) are in for a real treat, since the book is chock full of great stuff by great people, many of whom I count among my friends. It also includes some previously unpublished short stories by Hagio from her earliest days as a professional manga artist, which is reason enough to buy it.

So, Happy Hagio Week.

  1. Ed Sizemore’s avatar

    Happy Birthday to you both. God grant you many years. That’s an amazing coincidence.

  2. Matt’s avatar

    Many thanks, Ed. I’ve always thought it was a pretty amazing coincidence myself.

  3. ridiculus’s avatar

    Though I am a little late, Happy Birthday to you both. Thank you for bringing attention to this new book.

  4. Sylvette’s avatar

    It’s like a red string of fate, but anyways, Happy Birthday to you two.

  5. Kat’s avatar

    A belated happy birthday to you both! I just finished re-reading your interview with her :) I hope to get the “A Drunken Dream…” when it comes out.

  6. DanielBT’s avatar

    I’ve already pre-ordered the Drunken Dream book in the hopes that we’ll get more Moto Hagio stories. If we could also manage to pick up the unfinished 70’s Shojo stories from where CMX left off, that would be a bonus.

  7. Sheep.’s avatar

    Matt, I do hope you consider the localisation of Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou. I believe you will realise it’s potential in being exposed to a more mature audience. Read it if you have yet to. I think you’ll find it has a place in your line of manga.

    Also I’d like to just say how ecstatic I am that you are working on Hourou Musuko. Fingers crossed more of her work is coming our way.

    Best of luck.


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