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All Pack Summer Hike



Date:         Saturday, June 16th

Time:         8.30 am

Place:        MacRitchie Reservoir or Marang Trail (starting point will depend on the trail selected.  Refer below for suggested trails)

Contacts:    Michael Green ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and/or Rick MacIvor ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )


Starting Points


Listed below are different suggested trails. Three of the starting points are at MacRitchie Reservoir and the other is for the Marang Trail. Each den can select the starting point appropriate for their group based on length and trail difficulty (grade).

MacRitchie Trails

Walking_TrailMacRitchie Reservoir is located up Lornie Rd.(north of Farrer Rd.) and can be found on map 87/88 of your 2009 Street Directory.

Please refer to this website to look at the map for the three trails (also attatched below) 


We have tried to include as much info as possible here, but do please check for detialed maps for each trail via the NParks website

  • Note the legend symbols and landmarks on your trail such as map boards, exercise stations, shelters, etc. to prevent going too far.
  • Use your Zoom-in function to enlarge the part of the map you need so you can read them properly.

 Possible MacRitchie Starting Points:

1. Main Lornie Rd. Entrance at refreshment stand near rest rooms at the top of the hill.  

  • Map 88 in my 2009 Street Directory and shows a “Cafe”.  Park in car parks and on Reservoir Rd.
  • This start point is a two minute walk from any of the parking areas at the main entrance.
  • Hike Purple trail along board walk and woods/~4.5 KM/2hr walk/ easy grade/stroller accessible/bathrooms at start-end point.
  • Note: turn around just past exercise station and map board.


2. Venus Drive Car park 


  • Map 66 in my 2009 Street Directoryand shows a car park at 2B/2C. There is a map board at the car park.
  • Hike Orange trail to Treetop walk and back/~7km/3.5 hr walk/trail grade moderate to difficult/ no strollers/bathrooms at ranger station at path leading to treetop walk.


3. End of Rifle Range Rd at map board  


  • Map 64 in my 2009 Street Directory.  Drive to the end of paved Rifle Range Rd.  There is a small car park and you can park along the road.  There is a map board at the car park where the trail begins.
  • Hike Pink trail to Treetop walk then back track to starting point/~7km/3.5 hr walk/trail grade moderate to difficult in spots/no strollers/ no bathrooms at start-end point/ bathrooms at ranger station at path leading to treetop walk.


Marang Trail  / Southern Ridges



  • This hike is an urban trail spanning several parks overlooking the harbour to include Mount Faber. 
  • The whole trail is 6.18 Km.  However, it is possible to stop when you have had enough and catch a cab back to the car park since you won’t be in the middle of nowhere. 
  • Forest Walk - A recommended trail for families with younger siblings.  It takes about 20mins to cover 1.3km.  The elevated walkway allows you to extend your hike onto the Mount Faber Loop to enjoy views of the southern part of Singapore.  You can park at Hort Park along Alexandra Road and start the Forest Walk trial via Alexandra Arch (refer to attached Marang Park map)
  • I would recommend that someone in your group print a copy of the attached Marang Trail map and bring it.


What to Bring:

  • · First Aid Kit – one per den
  • · Safety Guidelines to review with scouts before heading out – attached below
  • · Good walking shoes
  • · Hat
  • · Sunscreen
  • · Rain poncho
  • · Bug repellent
  • · Lots of water
  • · Trail map (minimum one per den) – attached below
  • · Nature Scavenger Hunt list – attached below
  • · Pencil or pen
  • · Charged mobile phone
  • · Camera
  • · First Aid Kit – one per den
  • · Something to contain trash
  • · Tissue and wipes for bathroom break – just in case




 Technically, it is prohibited for groups of 30 or more to hike through the nature reserves without a permit, so we will have to go in several groups anyway.   


If you only have a few from your den that are hiking, and you would like to join other dens, let us know and we can tell you where and what time people are meeting.

Hike Leaders: The purpose of a hike leader is to gather the group and review safety guidelines before starting out.   Any parent can be a hike leader.


Nature Scavenger Hunt:   A Nature Scavenger Hunt list for the scouts to work on during the hike is attached.  It is just for fun and helps keep the boys moving.  You can do this as a den, but have a copy of the list for each boy so he can look at it and check things off as the den finds them.  It is the same list as we used during last year’s Summer Hike so feel free to edit it for your group.


Leave No Trace Pledge – Remind the boys of the frontcountry guidelines which are listed below and in your handbook in the section on the Leave No Trace Awareness Award.

  • Plan ahead. – see the safety guidelines and “What to bring” above
  • Stick to trails.
  • Leave what you find. – don’t pick flowers, leaves, branches, etc. off living plants.
  • Respect other visitors.
  • Trash your trash.  - bring something to store your trash until you find a bin.



Rain Plan: In the event of rain or threatening rain, it will be the decision of each den whether to start/continue/delay the hike.  Call each other to determine what your group will do.  With three different start points and possibly different start times, the Hike committee will not make the call to cancel the hike.  Each den must decide for itself.   If there is a violent storm with lots of thunder and lightning, you should at least delay the hike for safety reasons.


Late Arrivals: If you arrive late for the scheduled start time and the groups have already left the starting point, use your map and hand phone to locate your group.  Due to heat and quickly changing weather conditions in Singapore, groups should not wait an extended time for latecomers.  Latecomers can form their own group and head out on the trail together.

Keep a list of all those who participate; there will be a wedge available for this event that you can order in August.  There is also a Hiking belt loop and pin that the boys can work towards; details -

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